Milla Jovovich

Imagen de Milla JovovichMilla Jovovich (Militza Jovović) nació en Kiev, Ucrania, el 17 de diciembre de 1975. Es una modelo, actriz, cantante y diseñadora de moda ucraniana, de ascendencia serbia.

Ficha en Imdb:

Sus películas en Comentamos cine:

Crítica: Stone (2010)

Crítica: Resident Ultratumba (2010)

Crítica: Escapada Perfecta (2009)

3 Responses to Milla Jovovich

  1. «Hello, how are you? I feel good
    And I hope you feel as I also
    So we will be happy night and day
    And get ready for you to read this poetry «:

    «I am the sea and the fish you are
    I offer you I love life and at the same time.
    And wherever you’re always in my swim.
    With the waves that I do you persecute you.

    I kiss you, hug you, caress you, too.
    My love for you is like a vice

  2. May cloud the sun forever;
    May be dried in an instant the sea;
    May break the earth’s axis
    As a weak glass.
    All happen! Will the death
    Cover with its funereal crape;
    But never be turned off on me
    The flame of your love.

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